How to Transport Pianos

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There are few pieces in a home as elegant as a piano. Aside from tying a room together, pianos also provide quality time for all members of the family. If you are going to be moving to South Florida soon, you may have a piano that needs to be transported to your new home. A piano is one of the most difficult things to move because it is one of the bulkiest and heaviest musical instruments. If you find yourself in this situation, Our Family Moving and Storage is here to help. Our experienced South Florida movers have seen it all when it comes to moving, especially pianos. If you are curious about how to transport a piano, we recommend that you continue reading below. 

How to Transport a Piano in a Truck

If you are going to be moving a piano, the most effective way to do so is to use a pickup truck. These are designed to handle heavy loads, and most can handle a piano. Without a pickup truck, moving a piano would be a lot more difficult.

The first step in loading a piano onto a pickup truck and transporting it to your new home is to line the bed of the pickup truck with protective material. Depending on the material that the piano is made of, you will need to be concerned with the wear and tear that it could cause your vehicle. We recommend using a piano board, moving blankets, and a collection of tie-down straps and buckles to secure the piano and make sure that no scratches, dents, or deformities are present on your truck bed. 

When the time comes to move a piano, one of the first things that you should do is wrap the piano in moving blankets and tie them down with straps so that they are attached to the piano. Next, you should move the piano onto the piano board because it has slots that are designed to hold the piano. After being attached to the board, you could now lift it with the lifting straps and put it on a dolly. 

After putting the piano on the dolly, it is important to set up a ramp so that loading the piano onto the truck is easier. You should slide the piano onto the truck by pushing it up the ramp. When the piano is on your truck bed, it is important to strap it to the truck with straps and buckles. 

How to Transport a Piano in a Van

If you do not own a pickup truck, our South Florida local movers note that you can also fit a piano in a van. To do so, you will need to find a van that has the correct dimensions to fit an upright piano. For this, you will most likely need a large cargo van. After securing this van, you should follow the same steps listed above. 

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