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South Florida has many great locations where you can live. If you are looking to move to Miami, then consider the city of Coral Gables. Coral Gables is a multicultural city in the middle of Miami. It is home to numerous consulates and foreign government offices, plus more than 140 multinational corporations. Learn more about the city and what it has to offer by reading below.

Coral Gables offers a look into the past with its unique aesthetics and 1900 beautiful historic buildings. The city manages historic properties and archives and is dedicated to preserving the city’s resources and landmarks. Another way the city uses its resources is by installing public art installations throughout the city. To make sure artists have many resources, residents can apply for cultural grants on the website.

While living in Coral Gables, you will be surrounded by beautiful historic buildings and art to enjoy. If you’re looking for museums, visit the Merrick house, Coral Gables Museum, or the Lowe Art Museum. If museums aren’t your thing, why not visit the Venetian Pool? Since 1923 this municipal pool has been visited by thousands of people. The pool features two waterfalls and is a fun experience for all ages.

You can also visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. The garden is 83 acres of extensive collections of rare tropical plants, trees, and flowers. You can get close to hundreds of butterflies in the garden’s wings of the tropic exhibits. The garden was opened in 1938 by plant collectors and has been open since.

Another area to visit is the Matheson Hammock Park & Marina. This is a 630-acre urban park that features a scenic park with an artificial atoll pool. Many people enjoy the activities that the park has to offer, like kiteboarding and nature trails. You can also enjoy lunch by the pavilions or the restaurant built into giant coral rock.

If you are planning to move to Coral Gables, learn about the services we provide for a great moving experience. 

The Lifestyle of Coral Gables  

Many people enjoy the weather in Coral Gables. The average temperature is above 80 degrees year-round. So many people enjoy the beaches, parks, and shopping centers. You can enjoy a day out at the Giralda Plaza, Shops at Merrick Park, and Miracle Mile. These shopping centers are close to each other, but they each offer different shopping experiences. In addition, there are many businesses in Coral Gables.

The city is about 20 mins away from the Miami International Airport, and it’s close to the Port of Miami and Downtown Miami. If you’re looking for a college, the University of Miami is located in Coral Gables. It is ranked 50th among the nation’s top-tier institutions in the U.S of “America’s Best Colleges.”

Coral Gables’ population is diverse, with many people from different countries. There are many different development projects, including building many Coral Gable apartments. There are many good neighborhoods and houses that are in development. 

Local Movers Coral Gables Could Trust

Local Coral Gables movers can be a significant benefit to families embarking on a move to this picturesque city, nestled in the heart of South Florida. Local movers are intimately acquainted with Coral Gables and its surroundings. They know the neighborhood layout, traffic patterns, and any potential challenges associated with navigating the area. This local knowledge can save time and reduce stress during the move. Another facet of local movers that helps families moving to the area is the fact that our local Miami movers have handled similar moves in the past, allowing them to efficiently plan the logistics of your relocation. They can determine the best routes, optimal times for moving, and any potential obstacles to avoid.

Why Move to Coral Gables?

If you are on the fence about moving to Coral Gables, our Coral Gables movers and Miami local movers are here to help you make a better decision. Perhaps the best reason for this is the environment it provides for raising families. Moving to Coral Gables is a choice that offers an exceptional environment for families. This charming city combines the allure of stunning architecture with a strong sense of community, making it an ideal place to raise your family. The close-knit community actively engages in various family-friendly events, and the city’s emphasis on arts and culture instills an enriching experience for young minds. With the added benefit of a tropical climate and two golf courses in the area, Coral Gables provides a year-round outdoor playground, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Does Coral Gables Have Good Schools? 

Yes, Coral Gables is renowned for its excellent schools, making it an appealing choice for families. The city boasts top-tier educational institutions, including highly-rated public and private schools. The school system is known for its commitment to academic excellence and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, fostering a well-rounded education for students. Our Fort Lauderdale movers would like to point out that this educational environment is a significant draw for families, as it ensures that children receive a quality education that prepares them for future success.

Why Is Coral Gables Famous?

Our Miami local movers understand that a main draw for many people when they are choosing their neighborhood is how renowned it is. Our Fort Lauderdale movers are proud to say that Coral Gables is quite famous for many reasons. For one, it is home to the Biltmore Hotel, whose storied history is proudly upheld by the residents of Coral Gables. Another reason that Coral Gables is famous is because of the architecture of the homes.  The architecture of Coral Gables is a distinctive and defining feature of this beautiful city. Often referred to as “Mediterranean Revival” or “Spanish Revival,” the architectural style of Coral Gables is a reflection of the city’s founder, George Merrick’s vision. Some of the most defining features of the architecture are the Mediterranean influence and Coral Stone. 

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