At Our Family Moving & Storage, we service many different locations in the South Florida area. We can travel locally all over the tri-county area to any city you are moving from or to. With the help of our logistics team, our South Florida movers will be able to navigate anywhere you need to go with ease. We understand that moving can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. That’s why all of our moving plans are tailored to each client individually to ensure the quickest and most efficient move for them. Keep reading below for more information on each of our locations.

We specialize in moving to the following locations: 


Miami is a wonderful place to live. There are many things to do and different cultures to experience, making moving to Miami a great idea. There are many amazing cities to move to. If you’re located In North Miami or if you’re all the way down south in the Coral Gables area. Our movers in South Florida will help you move to wherever you need to go. 


Pinecrest offers a serene suburban escape while still being conveniently situated between the bustling cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Known for its lush landscapes and upscale neighborhoods, Pinecrest attracts residents seeking a tranquil yet sophisticated lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn to its top-rated schools, expansive parks, or vibrant community atmosphere, Pinecrest offers something for everyone. However, navigating the intricacies of relocating to this coveted locale can be daunting, especially considering the complexities of South Florida traffic. Our dedicated team of Pinecrest movers is committed to ensuring a seamless transition for you and your family.

Miami Beach

For years, Our Family Moving & Storage has been proud to serve the vibrant community of Miami Beach. From the sun-drenched shores to the lively streets of South Beach, we’ve assisted countless individuals and businesses in relocating to this iconic coastal destination. Whether you’re settling into a beachfront condominium with panoramic views or moving into a chic high-rise in the heart of the bustling Art Deco district, our expert packers and movers are dedicated to delivering top-notch service tailored to your specific needs. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to make your transition to Miami Beach smooth and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on embracing the excitement and energy of this world-renowned locale.

Doral Movers

As part of our commitment to serving diverse communities across South Florida, Our Family Moving & Storage extends our exceptional moving services to the vibrant city of Doral. Situated in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Doral boasts a unique blend of residential charm and bustling commercial activity. Whether you’re relocating to a spacious home in one of Doral’s family-friendly neighborhoods or transitioning your business to one of its thriving commercial districts, our dedicated team of Doral movers is here to ensure a seamless and efficient move. With our expertise and attention to detail, we’ll handle every aspect of your relocation with care and professionalism, allowing you to settle into your new Doral location with ease. At Our Family Moving & Storage, we’re proud to serve Doral and our locations across South Florida, providing top-notch moving solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Fort Lauderdale 

We have served the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale for many years. We helped hundreds of people in the city of Fort Lauderdale with our moving services. If you are located near the beach or in a high-rise apartment in downtown Fort Lauderdale, we will provide professional packers and movers to help you move into your new home or business. 

Dania Beach 

With its pristine beaches, diverse dining options, and bustling entertainment scene, Dania Beach is truly a gem of the Sunshine State. Whether you’re moving into a beachfront condo overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or settling into a quaint neighborhood just steps away from the Intracoastal Waterway, Our Family Moving & Storage is here to make your relocation seamless and stress-free. Trust the best movers in South Florida to handle every aspect of your move with care and professionalism.


Hollywood is nestled between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This is a great place to live because of the countless bars and beautiful beaches that Hollywood gives its residents. Whether you choose to call Hollywood home temporarily or permanently, our Hollywood local movers are here to accommodate you. Hollywood is different from many other cities in South Florida because of its location between two rather large metropolitan areas. This could make it difficult for people moving here to understand how to best access their new home or deal with the difficult South Florida traffic. Our South Florida local movers and Hollywood movers are here to make this transition as easy as possible for you and your family.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the United States, which results in many people choosing to live here. The suburban neighborhood gives a different feel from most of the other locations in South Florida because of the unique inclusion of European architecture and classic American staples like breweries and sports bars. Many people choose to move homes from within Coral Gables. This means they will need to count on the assistance of experienced Coral Gables movers to navigate their new move effectively. They can easily find this help, thanks to our South Florida local movers.


Our wide service area even includes Weston. Our Weston, FL, local movers are here to make sure that your family’s move to Weston is safe and effective so that you can enjoy the suburban feel that the city offers its residents.

Boca Raton 

Boca Raton may have a reputation for being the playground of the wealthy, but it’s also a great place for families. Located next to plenty of restaurants and shopping centers, Boca Raton is the place to be. Contact Our Family Moving today for our Boca Raton moving service. 


Whether you’re relocating to a quiet suburban neighborhood or a bustling urban district, Our Family Moving & Storage is here to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to your new Lauderhill residence. Our experienced movers in this South Florida location are dedicated to providing exceptional service tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re moving within Lauderhill or across the region, trust us to handle every aspect of your move with care and professionalism. We will make your relocation experience stress-free and enjoyable. 

Pembroke Pines 

If you’re looking for a place on the West side of South Florida, Pembroke Pines is the place for you. Located next to the beautiful Florida Everglades, you will be around mangroves, sawgrass, and wildlife. Our Florida movers are professionally trained to help your move-in day be stress-free. 

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