South Florida Commercial Movers

There are many reasons why someone might choose to move their business to the South Florida area. This area of the United States has a motivated workforce and business environment that is ripe for opportunity. However, there may be some situations where businesses want to move to other areas of South Florida. In this case, you will need to count on the experience of our South Florida movers, who are accustomed to moving various types of furniture and equipment. If this sounds familiar, you will need to read the following article written by our South Florida commercial movers that details some of the advantages of choosing our assistance.


Moving Made Easy

You will be paired with a personal moving coordinator with years of experience who will provide you with some insight into how we can help move your items quickly and efficiently. You will also have full access to a professional moving crew to help keep you stress-free. Just fill out our online form to receive a free estimate for your commercial needs. We offer full transparency of our prices and services, so you won’t have any surprises come move-in day.


Business Relocation

If you have a commercial business, whether it’s big or small, and are looking for a professional and experienced moving company in South Florida, contact Our Family Moving. We will help you throughout all your phases of moving, packing, delivering, and unpacking. If you’re looking to relocate within the South Florida area. We have an excellent moving logistics team to help you navigate the city you plan on going to. Our goal is to make it a stress-free move-in day. We work with all timelines and budgets. Contact us today for any questions or concerns.


Commercial Moving Services

We have helped many businesses in South Florida with commercial moving services. We offer the disassembly and reassembly of any furniture you may need. You can trust us to handle your specialty items like artwork and grandfather clocks. Ask about our community moving specials when booking with us. We have serviced many different locations in the South Florida area for many years, and we look forward to you choosing us.


Miami Commercial Movers

If there is one city in South Florida that our experts understand, it is Miami. There are many business opportunities in Miami for business owners because of the varied and successful economy that the city enjoys. Our collection of Miami movers also includes assistance from our South Florida commercial movers. This means that we have the experience of moving businesses to and from Miami that is not easily replicated by other similar businesses. Our combination of experience, tools, and connections makes your business’s transition to its new headquarters in Miami as seamless as possible. Aside from our Miami commercial movers, we can offer you help thanks to our Miami long-distance movers and other moving professionals. These long-distance movers can also help you relocate your business inside of Miami should you feel the need to relocate it to a suburb like Coral Gables or Doral or into the downtown area or Brickell.


Fort Lauderdale Commercial Movers

For many businesses, making the move to Fort Lauderdale makes the most sense. In Fort Lauderdale, businesses can enjoy many of the same advantages that a Miami business enjoys without the hassle of living in an extremely populated metropolitan area. Further, some businesses are better suited for calling Fort Lauderdale home because of its access to the ocean and the marine industry. No matter the reasons or the equipment that you are using to relocate your business, Our Family Moving and Storage and our South Florida commercial movers are here to help. Also, many businesses may move within the city limits of Fort Lauderdale. In this case, our Fort Lauderdale movers are here to help you, as well.


Florida Office Relocation Services

If your business calls any other sector of Florida home, we can assist you in calling South Florida your new home. As mentioned above, our Florida movers are well-versed in the South Florida metropolitan area, and we make an effort to assist any business owner that wants to call our home their new headquarters. Coming from other areas of Florida to the Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach areas is a daunting task for anyone that owns a business. The knowledge of the area that our Miami local movers leverage to welcome business owners is unmatched and one that our South Florida moving company is ready to help you with.


Office Moving Supplies

We use the most updated and effective office moving supplies when we help business owners. No two businesses will have the same appliances and furniture, which means that we need to come up with a tailored moving plan for them. If you have special furniture or appliances that are essential to your business model, our South Florida commercial movers have the tools necessary to transport them safely to their new destination. Some of the tools that we use are detailed below:


  • Office moving boxes
  • Dollies
  • Carts
  • Pulleys
  • Furniture blankets
  • Furniture sliders
  • And much more


More About Our Florida Commercial Movers

Our range of services extends far beyond helping business relocation and commercial moving. Commercial moving is an important part of our moving services, but not the only one that we leverage to help our future neighbors. Our Family Moving and Storage also assists families and young professionals settle into their new homes or apartments with comfort so they can begin living their new lives in their new homes. This includes local moves, long-distance moves, and even residential moves.

Aside from our wide breadth of services, we have a service area that is as large as it is useful thanks to our Hollywood movers, Coral Gables movers, Weston movers, and North Miami movers.

Our Family Moving and Storage offers help for moving in various Florida locations, including Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and others. Contact us online for more information about our moving services, or call us at 954-453-1111 for a quote.