Moving a Grandfather Clock: Expert Tips

Photo of a grandfather clock

Many homes have signature pieces like grandfather clocks or pianos. These items or pieces of furniture give a home a distinct look that many people moving into or around South Florida would like to replicate in their next home. Aside from making a transition more manageable, having a clock like this could represent a generational heirloom. If you are interested in learning the best way to begin moving a grandfather clock, Our Family Moving and Storage and our South Florida movers can help. We have years of experience and time-tested techniques. How do you move a grandfather clock? Continue reading below to learn more from our experts. 

How to Move a Grandfather Clock

Moving a grandfather clock is difficult because these timepieces are a combination of delicate, bulky, and heavy. Like moving any heavy or awkward object, the first step is to gather the proper materials so that the job is easier. The most basic items that you will need to complete this job are moving gloves, moving blankets, dollies, and appropriate padding such as bubble wrap. These supplies ensure the safety of the items and an easier moving process. 

After gathering all of the necessary padding and wrapping it in protective material, you will need to move the grandfather clock onto a dolly. To wrap it in protective material, you should begin with bubble wrap and later wrap it in moving blankets so that it is as protected as possible. After wrapping your clock in these items, you need to make sure that you have moving help, as the next step involves tipping over the grandfather clock and loading it onto a dolly. When you and your partner are ready, one person should slowly tip the clock over while the other moves it onto a dolly. When the clock is secured on the dolly, it is essential to also have a ramp so that it can be loaded onto a truck or cargo van. After carefully placing the clock onto the van, it is essential to secure it by using straps and ropes. 

Can You Lay a Grandfather Clock on Its Back? 

If you plan on moving a grandfather clock on its back, it is important to keep its condition and age into consideration. Clocks in less-than-ideal conditions or those that are old cannot be stored horizontally because some of their parts may be damaged if they experience any pressure from the top. Our South Florida local movers recommend using a pickup truck, moving truck, or large van to transport a grandfather clock. You can most likely place and transport a clock standing up in a vehicle like one of these.  

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